New Residents    

Welcome to your new home at the Nicholson.

The Nicholson has been designed, built and landscaped to deliver a new standard of excellence in environmental and urban design and to provide you with a more comfortable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient home. The Nicholson’s unique design adds an intriguing silhouette to the East Coburg skyline. Using a variety of textures and colours on the facade, the apartments, while individual, still fit together harmoniously as one. They also capture natural light thanks to the building’s tiered design, with three storeys to the north rising to eight storeys at the southern end.

For most people a home is more than just a place to live. Your decision to buy at the Nicholson is a long term investment in your home, your quality of life and the environment. It is an investment in technology and design features that will help to reduce your carbon footprint and set an example for other homes and other developments. It’s also a lifestyle investment – your investment in a comfortable lifestyle.

Every element of the Nicholson has been carefully considered for its contribution to sustainability. The average 6-Star energy designed apartments have been crafted to take advantage of the sun’s seasonal movements, allowing for maximum sunlight to keep you warm during winter whilst shading windows against the summer heat. Building materials, windows and glazing have also been specially chosen to keep comfort levels high and your running costs low.

Moving in and out
Information regarding moving in and out is provided by Urban Communities. Please contact Urban Communities at least 7 days PRIOR to your proposed moving date.

Please note that Owners, Residents and their Agents are fully responsible for:

    • Returning lift protectors, lift keys and security tags
    • Ensuring all common property areas used, including lifts, are left in a clean and tidy state and free of all packing materials and rubbish
    • All repair and cost of any damage to common property.В 

Access & Security

Keys & Remotes
The following will be handed over with the Residents Information Folder:

  • Apartment keys
  • Letter box keys
  • Garage door remotes – security swipe card (where applicable)
  • Security swipe card – entry lobbies
  • Services door keys (where applicable).

Access to the Nicholson
The resident’s swipe card will open the following doors:

  • Access in the lift to their apartment level and, if applicable, to the level that their storage cage is located on
  • Main entry on Nicholson Street
  • Common green on level 2.

The main pedestrian entrance of The Nicholson is via Nicholson Street. Residents will be required to swipe their card to open the main lobby doors. They will need this card to operate the lift car. As a security measure, apartment owners are allowed to access their floors only. To allow visitors to access the lifts, please refer to the intercom section below.

Access to the levels
The resident must use their swipe card to access their level via the lift.

They must simply swipe their card in front of the reader within the lift and press their level button.

Letter box access
A black tagged key opens a resident’s specific letter box. The keys have been supplied to the residents within the pocket section of your Residents Information Folder.

Guests will need to call residents via the intercom to gain access to an apartment.

Visitors need to enter the apartment number and press the red �bell’ symbol.

The lift security will be disengaged for a short period of time so the visitor can gain access by pressing the button to the resident’s level.

If the visitor takes too long to make it to the lift they will have to call the resident on the intercom again at the main lobby.

For the safety of residents, The Nicholson is equipped with closed circuit television cameras which provide 24 hour security monitoring of the building. Should you require any further information regarding this security, please contact Urban Communities.