Urban Communities    

Urban Communities services, include:

  • 24 hours/7days per week emergency response
  • On-site team
  • Regular walk through inspections of grounds and common areas to ensure a high standard of presentation
  • Monthly building audits and inspections
  • Monthly assessment of contracted services with a focus on cost and quality service delivery
  • Responsive and planned maintenance including life cycle planning in order to maintain and manage the investment at an overall lower cost.
  • Prompt assistance around warranty defect works and preventative maintenance strategies
  • Organisation, administration and convening the annual general meetings of the Owners Corporation
  • Administrative and financial functions including fees and levies management and account payments on behalf of the Owners Corporation
  • Maintenance of Owners Corporation insurance policies and claims administration
  • Budget Control
  • Operate and maintain the alternative water systems (greywater, rainwater and stormwater).