Services Utilities    

Through the establishment of an embedded network, residents of the Nicholson have access to discounted electricity rates compared to the standard tariffs for electricity offered by other retailers in the area. This also means that electricity supply is able to be connected on the day you move in.

WINenergy has been appointed to operate the embedded network at the Nicholson, and is the default electricity provider for all apartments in the building. However, residents are free to choose an alternative electricity provider should they wish to.

More information on the embedded network and WINenergy can be found in your Residents Information Folder.

Gas is supplied for your gas cook top and heater.В  An individual gas meter is located in a services cupboard typically located outside the door of each apartment.

If the gas cook top does not work after turning on, please check whether the isolation valve has been turned on. The isolation valve is located under the kitchen bench.

There are a number of water supply and treatment systems in place in The Nicholson.В  In summary, these systems are:

  • Cold mains water (supplied by Yarra Valley Water)
  • Hot water (provided by the owners corporation) a combination of treated rainwater and mains water
  • Treated greywater (provided by the owners corporation) – greywater is collected from showers, treated onsite and used for toilet flushing. A treated greywater tap is also provided for optional washing machine use,
  • Treated stormwater (provided by the owners corporation) – this is used for landscape irrigation only.

Telephone & Data Point
There is a telephone point and data connection in each apartment. If your telephone has no dial tone, check whether the telephone line is plugged into the phone outlet instead of data point. Please contact Urban Communities, who can assist with telephone connections at the resident’s own cost.

Each apartment allows for PayTV/Foxtel. Connection for this service is the responsibility of the owner/resident. To complete connection of the PayTV, the purchaser must contact the service provider of their choice.

Each apartment can immediately connect to the Cirrus Communications high speed broadband network. Connection for this service is the responsibility of the owner/resident. To connect, plug your computer directly into the Data Point in your apartment marked with a Cirrus sticker. When you open your internet browser you will be directed to the Cirrus sign up page where you can create an account. For assistance, please call Cirrus on 1300 552 698 or email

Should you already be under contract with a different provider and not wish to connect to Cirrus, contact your current provider who will assist you in arranging connection. Further information regarding Cirrus’s rates is available from Urban Communities.