Internal void


The Nicholson incorporates a number of sustainability initiatives to benefit the environment, reduce running costs and capture data to assess the building’s environmental performance over time.

В The building is designed for natural ventilation. Open corridors and voids reduce the need for extensive, costly and energy-intensive mechanical ventilation systems while also allowing for cross ventilation through the apartments.

В All apartments have achieved an average six-star energy rating, ensuring a high standard of energy efficiency and temperature comfort.В 

The building incorporates a centralised solar-gas boosted hot water system with solar energy providing a significant proportion of heating for the hot water in the development.

Water to this centralised system is supplied by a combination of treated rain water and mains water supply. The treated rain water is captured and stored in 60,000L rain water tanks. This initiative reduces mains water consumption for hot water use by up to 40%.

Greywater recycling has also been incorporated into the development.В  Water is captured from showers, treated and then used for toilet flushing.В  Residents also have the choice to use this Class A treated water for laundry use.В 

All apartment taps and water fixtures achieved industry standardWELSratings. Energy efficient lighting fixtures were used throughout.

These water saving features have the potential to deliver anticipated a saving of approximately 5.2 ML per year of potable water.В  This potential saving is equivalent to the annual water consumption of 35 three-person households.В 

Gas heaters and cook tops have been installed in apartments as natural gas is a more energy efficient and cost effective fuel with lower carbon emissions.

Every apartment will have access to a bicycle parking facilities.В  It is hoped this will encourage residents to use the nearby bike paths and amenities for commuting and reduce the reliance on car travel.

An electric vehicle (EV) car share scheme is being incorporated into the development. This will provide residents with easy access to cost effective and environmentally efficient vehicular transport.