Solar hot water


A range of factors influence how much energy your home uses. These range from the way the building has been designed and the materials used in construction, through to the appliances that you run and the behaviour of those living in the space.

Apartments at the Nicholson have been carefully designed to maximise energy efficiency. The consideration of building orientation, insulation levels and natural ventilation will all make apartments at the Nicholson cooler in summer and warmer in winter, while using less energy.

However through minor changes in energy use behaviour, and smart thinking when purchasing appliances, residents can reduce their energy use even further. Simple measures can add up to big savings, including the following:

  • Set the thermostat of your fridge to the most efficient setting; your fridge should be set at 3В° to 5В° and your freezer at -13В° to -15В°.
  • Run your clothes washer and dish washer only on full loads. Whenever possible, dry your clothes on the drying rack provided.
  • Keep the oven door closed – every time you open the door the temperature in the oven drops by around 5 15 degrees.
  • вЂ?Standby’ power can be a killer when not in use, switch appliances off at the wall.

Residents will be supported by Moreland Energy Foundation Limited to make ongoing reductions to their energy consumption and greenhouse emissions.

More energy saving tips and information can be found at