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Transport is an extremely important part of life for most people. It’s a good idea to think about the way you currently use transport and where it could be improved – a little change could result in a big improvement in lifestyle. 

There are many public transport options located close to the Nicholson, with tram and bus stops located within easy walking distance from the building, providing convenient options for travel for both north-south and east-west travel.В 


Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) are your local bike groups, they organise social rides and do bicycle advocacy for cyclists in your area. The Moreland BUG website is a great local resource.

Take a look at Bicycle Victoria’s website for more details on cycling and general information about riding in the city. If you’re thinking about getting into cycling but don’t have a bike yet, you can look at a cheap, second-hand model from CERES.

В Buses, Trams and Trains

The Metlink website provides a fantastic resource that gives you specific directions on the easiest way to get from A to B using buses, trams and trains. It provides accurate information about the length of time needed for your journey and clear steps about what you need to do.


If you only need to use a car infrequently, joining a car sharing scheme could save you a great deal of money and effort with registration, maintenance and parking. A share car is available for use by residents at the Nicholson, which is managed by the car sharing service operator GoGet.