Rainwater tanks


There are a number of water supply and treatment systems in place at the Nicholson. In summary, these systems are:

  • Cold mains water (supplied by Yarra Valley Water)
  • Hot water (provided by the owners corporation ) – a combination of treated rainwater when available and mains water
  • Treated greywater (provided by the Owners Corporation) – greywater is collected from showers, treated onsite and used for toilet flushing. A treated greywater tap is also provided for optional washing machine use
  • Stormwater (provided by the Owners Corporation) – this is used for landscape irrigation only.

These alternative water supply systems are provided to help residents at the Nicholson save valuable drinking water and to save on their water bills. They also protect nearby water ways by reducing stormwater flows from the Nicholson.

Detailed information on the water initiatives and systems at the Nicholson is available in a fact sheet here.

More information
Visit www.epa.vic.gov.au/water/reuse/ for more information about greywater, rainwater and stormwater use.

Visit www.savewater.com.au for more water conservation information.