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There are two tram routes (numbers 1 and 8 ) that travel along Lygon Street into the city and beyond, covering suburbs such as Albert Park, Toorak and South Yarra.В  From the city, the number 1 tram continues along Nicholson Street to Bell Street Coburg, while the number 8 turns onto Moreland Road and heads west before terminating close to Sydney Road at Moreland Station.

Both tram lines operate with frequencies at 8 to 12 minutes Monday to Friday during the day.В  On week days before 9 am timetables indicate a travel time to the city of approximately 35 minutes.

Travel information for tram Route 1 East Coburg – South Melbourne Beach can be found here.

Travel information for tram Route 8 Moreland – Toorak can be found here.

The Upfield line is located roughly 1.2 kilometres to the west of The Nicholson, connected by both the number 8 tram and the 510 bus route. The nearest train station on this line is Moreland Station.В  Train services to the city commence at 5 am on week days.В  Friday and Saturday trains returning from the city arrive as late as 1.19am.В  To the east of The Nicholson is the Epping Line with Thornbury Station being the closest station on this line to the development.

Travel information on the Melbourne Train network can be found here.

Travel information for the Craigieburn & Upfield Lines can be found here.

The 510 bus route operates approximately every 20 minutes on week days, with 40 minutes intervals between buses on weekends.

The bus line connects Essendon and Ivanhoe railway stations and can be used to reach the Moreland train station just west of Sydney Road.

Travel information on bus Route 510 Essendon – Ivanhoe can be found here.

The Nicholson Street/ Holmes Street/ Lygon Street corridor is a significant cycling route (particularly for city commuters). The Merri Creek shared cycling and walking pathway is popular with both recreational as well as commuter cyclists.В  This trail is within 500 metres of the Nicholson.

Further information on the Merri Creek Trail can be found here.